MHS 41, St Vincent 7, Oct 22, 2004

End of National Anthem

Hurd and others on early tackle

Middletown loses ball on fumble.

St Vincent gets game's first score.

Critical scramble for first down by Jackson.

Matt Coit tackle on TO return after MHS ties it 7-7.

Gordy Clem pass defense.

Pass too high for Finley.

Cooke stripped of pass.

St Vincent lateral goes out of bounds.

Kris Cole returns first of two critical 1st half interceptions.

Soon Cole's returning another, this one for TD at 14-7 lead near end of 1st half.

A real dark field at halftime.

Rodrigues plows forward in 3rd qtr.

Rodrigues TD as MHS starts to take control

Bleuss with some good 2-hand-on-the-ball running.

Rodrigues romps in for a score.

Kickoff bounds past St Vincent returners.

Rodrigues bulls forward again.

Bleuss breaks a long run.

(3 pics) Gordy Clem provides final 41-7 score with 72-yd TD run.

And that's it for this week.