MHS 13, Ferndale 26, Nov 20, 2004 NCS Class A Round 1 playoff

MHS opens the game with 3 first downs. The ball is loose here but MHS regains it.

Finley tackled on MHS 2nd drive.

Attack up right sideline for game's first score.

Finley again.

Ferndale's punt snap covered 1 foot from goal, setting up Middletown

Rodrigues follows blocking for the score.

Cooke's kick puts MHS up 7-6 -- oddly the only good PAT kick of the game by either team.

Middletown had a hard time stopping runs up the sidelines after pitches to backs, Ferndale drives at end of 1st half.

Finley and Cooke stop this pass. MHS usually had Ferndale receivers well covered (double and triple covered), but often Ferndale caught it anyway.

This time up the right side -- Ferdale scores with seconds left in first half and a pass for 2 points makes it 14-7 Ferndale.

Receiver well covered again.

... Cole comes down with interception.

Finley at end of good run to right.

Tackle by Cooke.

Middletown nears goal.

Rodrigues goes in untouched at end of Q3, PAT missed, Ferndale leads 14-13.

Huge play: Ferndale gets 35 on long pass on 3rd and 10 with 8 minutes left in the game. A couple minutes later it's 20-13 Ferndale.

With 3 minutes left, again 3rd and long for Ferndale, this time Cooke comes down with an interception.

Bleuss comes out of the pack on desparate 4th down run, but is caught short, and it's all over. Ferndale declines to take a knee and gets an extra touchdown instead, making final score 26-13.

Cheerleaders show appreciation for the season.

2004 season ends.