MHS 35, Upper Lake 0, Oct 12, 2008 at Upper Lake

These pictures link to larger ones.

Run by Owen ends with ...

... Helmet-helmet contact penalty on tackle

2nd quarter opens with Owens TD

pass broken up by Tomko

Middletown can't save Owens' fumble

Carry by Tomko

Galusha on defense

Galusha catches and gets over goalline woth 0.1 sec left in first half.

... and crawls after loose ball but it's OK he already scored

Middletown flyin high up 21-0 at the half

pass for Galusha knocked away

Gausha pass reception and run

Upper Lake gets completion to #83, who takes a hit from Finley

QB Mendoza gets off a pass and completes it

Galusha after catch late 3rd Q

offense and the cemetary

juggling catch by #3 Strickler

#31 Dixon carry

Hoefer carry

UL throws incomplete to end the game